On with the old and new: Reconnecting with friends

Usually I travel to make friends. That is in fact a reason for me TO travel. However, instead of making new friends each time I travel, I have found it is just as rewarding to reconnect with old friends too. After being abroad, some relationships have faded where others have grown stronger and I am …


My First Hurricane: Surviving Irma

Well, I survived my first hurricane. Hurricane Irma just pushed her way up through the Caribbean to the west coast of Florida. From what I see south Florida and Key West got the brunt of the storm. The devastation is well…devastating.

When was the last time you followed your gut?: A Life Lesson

Being an adult is full of big decisions and life-altering choices. Positive outcomes are as easily attainable as negative ones but as you grow older these decisions cannot be made by anyone else but yourself. Your parents, friends, significant others, or anyone else you come across can’t tell you how to lead a happy life. …