Hi there! My name is Angela and I love postcards. Postcards connect people, create memories and are cheap regardless of where you go. So I collect postcards wherever and whenever I travel.

They are fabulous souvenirs for yourself but also great gifts to send to friends and family to lessen the distance. I have found postcards make great bookmarks too and are happy, little reminders of my travels whenever I open my current book.

Also, they remind me to keep working on my photography skills because, let’s be honest, some of those pictures are serious photography goals. One day, I’ll be on that level.

Getting to know the narrow streets of Ainsa, Spain, a Spanish village near the Pyrenees Mountains, and me first falling in love with Europe.

My story. I have always enjoyed traveling, but I lived abroad for the first time as an English teacher in Mexico during the summer of 2015. Then I got the travel bug again and lived abroad for a year during 2016 as an au pair Spain. I have fallen in love with Europe and have so much more to see.

I love meeting new people, learning new languages and experiencing cultures. After graduating university, I was not ready to start a ‘big girl’ job so I decided to live abroad and have the opportunity to learn and practice my Spanish skills more. And now I do not want to stop traveling and seeing.

Standing in front of El Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain.

I want to create posts that are informative and push others to go out and experience the world. Whether it is in your home country for a weekend trip or halfway across the world, I think the first step is to just go.

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