I started a blog. Now what?

So here is the honest truth. I have always wanted to start a travel blog, but I have been too scared to actually start one. I think traveling is important to gain your personal perspective in life but also it is a way to give information about traveling in a personalized context and in the cheapest, most economic way. I have learned a lot about myself through my travels but also about how I perceive other cultures as well. I am open to other cultures and languages and I hope that other people realize that people across the world have more commonalities that differences. I like to hike and living out of a backpack, but I also enjoy the conveniences of the city life with any need a walk away.

I honestly just want to be a voice for someone who wants to travels abroad but feels like they can’t. You can and you will. I never thought I would escape the expectations of going to a university then getting a job and being an ‘adult,’ however you define what is an adult.  I escaped a traditionalist’s way of life to get to experience other cultures and people while learning an experience. I am terrified I may never feel so alive again and so open to life’s possibilities.

My worst fear is to become bored and not want a ‘normal’job from 9 to 5 pm. But is that the worst thing to happen? I am trying to embrace these changes and what I can do with my future.


I could choose to live a ‘normal’ life but I would rather not. I am at a point where I am looking for ‘big girl’ jobs but I am still not sure that is the right path for me. I want to be financially stable ( total adult) but I also want to explore other countries and live abroad. I am following my gut but sometimes visas get in the way from me doing what I want to do. The hardest thing to learn to follow your gut and trust in yourself. Adulting is hard but lessons are to be learned in one way or the other. I am looking for jobs back in the US but I am sure about where I want to end up and what I want to do.

I think a blog can help me express my thoughts and put down these ideas down on a digital paper. I have finally gotten enough courage (which may or not be the product of red wine) to write out my thoughts and explain my experiences abroad. I hope to encourage others to go abroad and becoming comfortable with people of other mindsets. Across the world we may see that other people have different perspectives, which is true, about life but we really do have more commonalities than differences. Life is hard but little by little I can figure it out, lesson by lesson.


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